Parramatta Dental Consultation /Parramatta Emergency Dental Check Up

My Smile Doctors provide Parramatta dental consultation services at our Parramatta clinic, providing solutions for wide range of oral health issues. Our friendly Dentist team look beyond the symptoms to provide best treatment solutions that improve your long-term health within a budget you’re comfortable with. We’ve got state-of-the-art equipment and experienced dentists, ensuring that we’re ready to provide a comprehensive range of services.

Give us a call on 02 80362411 to talk to one of our friendly staff members about our consultations or email us on

We’re a bit different from other Parramatta dentists therein we glance beyond simple check-ups, cleaning and filling. Instead, our consultations check out your greater oral health and outcomes expected from the various sorts of dental intervention available to you. Our patients are amazed at the various sorts of behavioural and surgical interventions which will be made to deal with common oral problems that are sometimes just taken without any consideration.

Consultation $100

  • Comprehensive Oral Examination
  • Detailed Treatment Plan
  • Full Mouth Xray
  • Small x-ray (if Required)