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General Dentistry! Unhappy with the overall look of your smile? At MY SMILE DOCTORS, your dentist will refresh, rejuvenate, and transform your smile so you can reclaim your confidence!

General Dentistry

Snoring & Sleep Apnea

Do you or your partner snore? Your loud breathing during sleep could be indicative of a larger issue!

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Root Canal Treatment

This technique allows you to keep teeth that would otherwise have to be extracted .

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Kid’s Braces

Early intervention orthodontic treatment can help your child develop their teeth correctly!

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Kid’s Dentistry

Your child’s teeth are very important and will help ensure their oral health later in life!

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Gum Disease

Are your gums bleeding after flossing or brushing your teeth? You may be suffering from gum disease!

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Pain Free Dentistry

We provide emergency dental services! If you are looking for an Emergency Dentist, we should be your first choice.

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Dentures are an attractive and cost effective solution for missing teeth.

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Dental Check Up

Discover How You Can Undergo a Dental Check-up!

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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Our mouths have greatly evolved over the centuries, leaving wisdom teeth with no real purpose!

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Mouth Guards

Studies show that with the teeth being protected during a game, athletes have the confidence and security of minimal risk to the mouth.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Porcelain Veneers

Refresh the entire look of your smile without the need for long, arduous or invasive treatment!

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Inman Aligner

Want straight teeth fast? Now it’s possible with the Inman aligner!

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Zoom Teeth Whitening

The process of home teeth whitening is simple yet effective.

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Snap On Smile

Want that perfect new smile quickly, easily and without hassle?

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More Than Three Million Happy Patients Have Been Treated By Invisalign.

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Want a hassle free alternative to veneers? Lumineers are a fantastic option!

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Restorative Dentistry

Dental Implants

Missing teeth can be devastating to your oral health if they are not replaced in a timely manner! A tooth, once lost, immediately creates a large imbalance in the mouth that can wreak havoc on your oral health. The tooth root that was once stimulating your jawbone tissue is no longer, and this can cause the jawbone to resorb and dissolve.

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Crowns And Bridges

Maintain the health and integrity of your smile with crowns and bridges!A Dental Crown is one of the most effective ways to strengthen a tooth that has lost much of its durability. In this sense, a crown is used as a ‘cap’ to place over the damaged tooth and protect it from further damage. A dental bridge is commonly used to replace one or more missing teeth.

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Painless Injection – The Wand

More comfort & less anxiety
  • Significantly more comfortable than the syringe.
  • Greatly reduces anxiety.
  • Can eliminate collateral numbness.
Greater Satisfaction
  • Patient are more satisfied with and prefer The Wand vs.the syringe.
  • More confident that their dental practice has the lastest technology.