Dentist Parramatta

Dentist Parramatta

Dentist Parramatta

Are you looking for a Parramatta dental clinic? Welcome to My Smile Doctors. At our dental surgery in Parramatta, we provide high quality, affordable family dental care. We offer a comprehensive range of general, restorative and cosmetic dental treatments to enable you and your family to maintain optimum oral health and an attractive smile. Our teams of general dentists are highly experienced across a diverse range of dentistry and can tackle any issues that are presented to them. Whether your teen needs orthodontic treatment, you need root canal therapy, or your parent wants a dental implant, we can restore and rejuvenate smiles of all ages. At our Parramatta dental clinic, we use some of the latest technologies and techniques to provide our patients with treatments that are more accurate and efficient, which results in faster recovery time and a very pleasing outcome.

Also, patients with Australian dental insurance can benefit from our My Smile Doctors service, which accepts the rebate paid by their insurance provider in full payment for many common treatments including check-ups, fluoride treatments, X-rays and tooth fillings. We’re a Parramatta dental clinic residents can count on for convenience, quality, and affordability.

At Parramatta dental clinic, we have a simple philosophy, which is to provide quality dental care, in a friendly and caring manner, at a good price point, to ensure that our patients receive value for money. We have the latest dental equipment, technology and materials, along with experienced dentists to provide you with the very best dental care that we offer.

Parramatta Dental Services

  • Preventative Dentistry

At dentist Parramatta, we strive to help our patients keep their natural teeth for as long as possible. We do this by proactively scheduling regular dental check-ups and cleans and by educating our patients about the importance of daily brushing and flossing. Further, our highly experienced dentists in Parramatta offers a range of preventative treatments including oral examinations, scaling and cleaning, x rays, fissure sealants and more.

1. Snoring & Sleep Apnea
Are sleeping disorders such as snoring and obstructive sleep apnea interfering with your rest? Perhaps your sleep partner complains about you gasping for air, grinding your teeth or tossing and turning all night long? An oral sleep appliance could help.

2. Root Canal Treatment
Root canal treatment (also known as endodontic therapy, endodontic treatment, or root canal therapy) is a treatment sequence for the infected pulp of a tooth which is intended to result in the elimination of infection and the protection of the decontaminated tooth from future microbial invasion.

3. Kid’s Braces
Braces are traditionally used to align teeth and correct a person’s bite. Kids Care Dental & Orthodontics offers both clear ceramic braces and metal braces.

4. Kid’s Dentistry
A child’s primary teeth are essential for not only making room for their adult teeth, but also for helping them form words and develop proper eating habits.

5. Gum Disease
Gum disease is a devastating dental condition that can quickly spiral out of control.

6. Pain Free Dentistry
Pain-free dental procedures get rid of the patient’s dental anxieties making them more trusting with their dentist.

7. Dentures
Dentures are an attractive and cost effective solution for missing teeth.

8. Dental Check Up
We are happy to offer a comprehensive dental check-up to our patients.

9. Wisdom Teeth Removal
Wisdom teeth are the third & last molars on each side of both jaws.

10. Mouth Guards
Mouth guards are advanced technology that offers multi-layering, custom gel-fitting, lower profiles and lighter weight to protect the teeth and mouth.

  • Cosmetic Dentistry

As well as a wide range of general dental services, we also offer advanced cosmetic treatments at our affordable dentist Parramatta including in chair and take home teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and crowns and bridges. Isn’t it good to know that you don’t have to visit a cosmetic dentist in Parramatta if you don’t want to? Our dentist in Parramatta can straighten and enhance your smile right here under one roof.

1. Porcelain Veneers
Porcelain veneers are very thin porcelain facings which adhere to the natural tooth. They are used to change the size, colour, shape, and spacing of your teeth.

2. Zoom Teeth Whitening
Zoom is a 1 hour in-surgery procedure with a take home kit. It is perfect for anyone who has a special event or wedding coming up.

3. Snap On Smile
Snap-on Smile is a relatively new and one that is an effective alternative to metal and invisible braces.

4. Invisalign
Invisalign is a modern technology that helps improving your smile.

5. Lumineers
Lumineers are proven to be durable, lasting for decades with proper dental care.

  • Restorative Dentistry

It can be tricky finding a Parramatta dental clinic that you can trust to provide dental implants. Thankfully, our dentists are highly experienced in placing dental implants. In addition to that, dental implants are the gold standard in tooth replacement, and at our Parramatta dental clinic, we use them to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, or even an entire mouth of missing teeth using the All on 4 implant method. Provided you follow our after-care instructions and adopt a good oral care routine at home as well as attending regular check-ups at our dental clinic in Parramatta, your implants can last you for many years to come. Apart from that, other restorative services that we offer include dentures, discreet orthodontic aligners, dental fillings and root canal therapy.

1. Dental Implants
A dental implant is a surgical component that interfaces with the bone of the jaw or skull to support a dental prosthesis such as a crown, bridge, denture, facial prosthesis or to act as an orthodontic anchor.

2. Crowns And Bridges
Crowns and bridges are a fixed solution to missing or damaged teeth. This restorative procedure uses prosthetic devices to return your smile to its natural state. Further, a crown is used when the tooth structure is damaged or fractured. A bridge is used when one or more teeth are missing.

Best Dentist Team In Parramatta

We have the fortune to have the finest and most experienced general dentists. Our team is capable of carrying our many treatments and procedures including dental implants, wisdom tooth extraction, and the latest orthodontic treatments. Patients can rest assured that when they visit the My Smile Doctors dentist in Parramatta – just like when visiting any capable dental surgeons in Parramatta – they are in safe and knowledgeable hands. Patient care and personalized treatment is the first priority for our team at My Smile Doctors. We know there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to dental care, so we make available a multi-skilled team of dentist Parramatta to meet your needs. Our dentists are caring, compassionate, and are highly experienced in the art of gentle dentistry. They will provide you with a personalized treatment plan that is custom-designed to provide the best results for you.

Special Dental Offers

  • Open 5 Days

Whether it’s for a regular scale and clean or a dental emergency, our Parramatta dental clinic is open 6 days a week for your convenience. Our 24 hour dentist Parramatta service, after school hours, and during school holidays, so if you prefer to come during these times, it is best to plan ahead.

  • Hygiene Promise

Our hygiene promise means we are fully committed to the stringent procedures and checks to ensure every piece of equipment is safe to use. With our modern facilities, and our team of dental professionals, the health and safety of our patients are protected.

  • Convenience

Parramatta dental clinic is conveniently located close to public transport across Parramatta metro.

Payment Options

Dentist Parramatta Payment Option

We can appreciate that dental treatment can be expensive and is not always affordable for everyone, especially when it’s unexpected. A payment plan would enable you to receive the treatment you require and allow you to pay for it in your own time. Mac Credit funds our finance options, tailored directly to your individual needs.

Furthermore, you must be able to show proof of income, which will be explained once initial contact by Mac Credit has been made (typically between 24 and 48 hours) after the application is submitted. Once approved, we transfer your funds into your nominated account quickly, enabling you to receive the treatment you need, when you need it.

Moreover, we accept Cash, VISA Card, Mastercard, AMEX and EFTPOS. Unfortunately, we do not accept personal cheques, DINERS or Bartercard.

Opening Hours

We are open 5 Days at Parramatta dental clinic and committed to providing exceptional emergency dental care to the resident of Parramatta. We 24 hour dentist Parramatta provides exceptional emergency dental care for Parramatta area residents. Our emergency dentist services are handled by skilled dentists who are experienced to deal with dental Emergencies such as toothache, chipped or broken teeth, denture repair, impacted wisdom teeth extraction, and more. Our emergency dentist in Parramatta has attended patients from around Parramatta and surrounding areas. We also provide services like Dental implants, braces care, Pain Free Dentist, and more.

Our emergency dentist can assess patients dental condition explains the extent of impairment/damage, conduct some diagnostic x-ray and commence appropriate treatment. Our emergency dentist provides treatment to stop further damage, and to provide immediate help to reduce your pain and distress.

Dentist in Parramatta Location

My Smile Doctors Dentists are here 5 days a week, offering daily emergency dental appointments, general + cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening and more. The caring and gentle dentists at Parramatta specialize in orthodontics, braces, dentures, dental crowns, dental implants, teeth restoration and gum diseases. We are located on 37 Grose Street Parramatta NSW.


  • Are Root Canals Painful?

    Root canal treatment is not painful; it relieves pain.
    The pain that patients often associate with root canal treatment actually comes from the severe symptoms of infection that can develop quickly and worsen over time.

    • Pain and sensitivity
    • Swelling of the gums, jaw, or face
    • Tooth discoloration
    • A bitter taste in the mouth
    • Small gum lesion, like a pimple
    • Throbbing and pressure

    You may find that pain is worse when you lie down. Though you can take anti-inflammatory medication to help, it does not eliminate the infection, and a root canal with your dentist Parramattamay become necessary.

    If you are experiencing a dental emergency inParramatta, give us a call. We will make your comfort a priority.

  • Are Root Canals Expensive?

    All high-quality dentistry is an investment in you and your smile. My Smile Doctors is sensitive to family budgets, the cost of extraction plus a denture, bridge or implant often is higher than the cost of root canal procedure that can save the tooth for years to come. It can also save you the expense of many condition that missing teeth cause, such as bone loss and misaligned teeth. Since families need to stay on a budget, we offer many payment options to help you get the care you need immediately, rather than putting it off for the condition to worsen. We work with many insurance companies and will file your claims for you. We also take credit cards and offer patient financing options for patients who need to spread their payments out over time.

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