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Snoring Mouth Guards

Snoring Mouth guard are advanced technology that offers multi-layering, custom gel-fitting, lower profiles and lighter weight to protect the teeth and mouth. The design is one that is innovative and one that is used by athletes and individuals that grind their teeth at night. We makes mouth guards at affordable prices.

Studies show that with the teeth being protected during a game, athletes have the confidence and security of minimal risk to the mouth. Athletes can focus better on game performance as they are not distracted due to poor fitting and uncomfortable mouth guards that chokes breathing and limits communication.

Atheletic mouth guards are also called Mandibular Oral Repositioning Appliance mouth guards and offer the best positioning and bracing of the lower jaw, shoulders and neck. This allows athletes to have better muscle control of the arms and legs, which helps to increase strength and also conserve energy.

Mouth Guards From My Smile Doctors Sydney

Dental injuries can be extremely painful, as well as disfiguring and can cost a terrible amount to fix. The device is a solution to protect the mouth and teeth. Individuals that practice in sports and recreational activities benefit from the device as it protects the teeth from injury. We fit patients with mouth guards that provide optimal protection of the mouth and teeth.

Snoring Mouth guard reduces the impact of blows to the face that could otherwise result in injury. My Smile Dentist mouth guards are fitted for both adults and children that suffer from teeth grinding/clenching, as well as those that need protection when playing sports and recreational activities. At night and during sports games, the mouth guard is worn to prevent damage, breakdown, and injury from teeth grinding or activities.

Fit Is Extremely Important

It is important to have your mouth guard custom made simply because of the fit. Standard devices purchased over the counter are not sculpted to the shape of your mouth and will not be as protective and comfortable to your teeth. My Smile Dentist tailor makes mouth guards from impressions of your mouth to ensure the device fits comfortably and precisely around your teeth and gums. The custom fit allows wearers to speak and breathe with ease. Molds of your upper and lower jaw and teeth will be made and the fit will be one that is perfect. We ensure that your custom-made device will not fall out and is comfortable, offering the protection that you require. Click here to check our sister company.