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Mouth Guards


Snoring Mouth Guards

Snoring Mouth guard is an advanced technology that protects the teeth and mouth with many layers, custom gel fitting, lower profiles, and reduced weight. An innovative design, it is utilized by both athletes and others who grind their teeth at night. We make mouth guards at affordable prices.

According to studies, sportsmen may play with the confidence and comfort of knowing that there is no risk to their teeth. Athletes can focus better on game performance as they are not distracted due to poor fitting and uncomfortable mouth guards that choke breathing and limit communication.

Mouthguards designed for athletes, also known as Mandibular Oral Repositioning Appliance mouthguards, provide the ideal positioning and bracing for the neck, shoulders, and lower jaw. This enables athletes to better regulate their arm and leg muscles, which contributes to both strength and energy conservation.

Mouth Guards From My Smile Doctors Sydney

Dental injuries can be extremely painful, as well as disfiguring, and can cost a terrible amount to fix. The tool serves as a mouth and teeth protection solution. Individuals who practice in sports and recreational activities benefit from the device as it protects the teeth from injury. We fit patients with mouth guards that provide optimal protection of the mouth and teeth.

Snoring Mouth guard reduces the impact of blows to the face that could otherwise result in injury. My Smile Dentist mouth guards are fitted for both adults and children who suffer from teeth grinding/clenching, as well as those who need protection when playing sports and recreational activities. At night and during sports games, the mouth guard is worn to prevent damage, breakdown, and injury from teeth grinding or activities.

The actual treatment takes 20 to 30 minutes, depending on your specific situation. Afterward, you’ll spend some time in a supervised recovery space. At My Smile Doctors, we go above and beyond to ensure that patients have the most comfort possible following their operation. In addition, you will receive thorough guidance on how to maintain optimal nutrition as you won’t be able to consume typical solid food for a brief while.

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Fit Is Extremely Important

It is important to have your mouth guard custom-made simply because of the fit. Standard devices purchased over the counter are not sculpted to the shape of your mouth and will not be as protective and comfortable to your teeth. My Smile Dentist tailor makes mouth guards from impressions of your mouth to ensure the device fits comfortably and precisely around your teeth and gums. The custom fit allows wearers to speak and breathe with ease. Molds of your upper and lower jaw and teeth will be made and the fit will be one that is perfect. We ensure that your custom-made device will not fall out and is comfortable, offering the protection that you require.

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Sleep Dentistry

Concerned AboutT Your Upcoming Dental Visit (Nervous and Anxious)?

Feel free to inquire with our team about the possibility of undergoing dental treatment with intravenous (IV) sedation.

The undertaking of any surgical or invasive procedure involves inherent risk. Prior to proceeding, it is advisable to obtain a second opinion from a qualified health practitioner to ensure informed decision-making.