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Tongue Tie Surgery (Frenectomy)

Tongue Tie Laser Surgery Can Easily Resolve Infant Tongue-Tie Problems And Its Negative Impacts On Breathing And Sleep Health.

We provide the most individualized, cutting-edge, and painless treatments for all types of tongue tie problems at My Smile Doctors, including mouth breathing, sleep apnea, restless nights, neck discomfort, anxiety, digestive problems, etc.

Some people have a tight band of tissue called a “frenulum” that is located right on the tip of their tongue and sticks to the floor of the mouth; this condition is referred to as a “tongue tie”. The best course of treatment for this problem involves the excision of the frenulum with a laser. It is painless and resolves tongue-tie issues without any bleeding. –The whole process is termed as Frenectomy.

As one of the most reputed clinics for tongue-tie surgical treatment in Sydney, we behavior the Frenectomy surgical treatment to cast off the frenulum, which may be understood as a small fold of tissue that hampers the tongue movement. It is no longer necessary for you to worry about this condition, as our dental specialist can expertly resolve it in a matter of minutes. There is no pain involved in tongue tie laser surgery, and there is no need for stitches or bleeding.

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Tongue Tie Surgery Frenectomy
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Problems That Tongue Tie Surgery Resolves-

My Smile Doctors Resolve All Such Problems By Using Tongue Tie Laser Surgery!

What happens if you do not treat the Tongue Tie Problem-
Infants Tongue Tie Issues are-
They will not be able to suck the milk properly from the mother’s breast leading to a decrease in milk supply. The infant won’t be able to absorb the right nutrition. Issues related to sleep deprivation and babies not being able to include solids in their diet are also quite common. In addition to all this, mothers also face problems like stress, sleep deprivation, pain while breastfeeding, mastitis, pain while latching, distortion or bleeding of nipples.
Tongue Tie Surgery Frenectomy
Tongue Tie Surgery Frenectomy
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Adult Tongue Tie Issues are-

They will face problems while chewing solids. Children with this illness frequently experience other symptoms such gagging, choking, and vomiting. Continuous dribbling, Food fading and Dental problems including tooth decay and bad breath may also occur. Tongue tie also causes speech difficulties, Behavioral problems, and Low self-confidence.

All of these Tongue Tie problems can be fixed by seeing a dentist at My Smile Doctors, giving you a beautiful smile and a happy life.

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Concerned AboutT Your Upcoming Dental Visit (Nervous and Anxious)?

Feel free to inquire with our team about the possibility of undergoing dental treatment with intravenous (IV) sedation.

The undertaking of any surgical or invasive procedure involves inherent risk. Prior to proceeding, it is advisable to obtain a second opinion from a qualified health practitioner to ensure informed decision-making.