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Emergency Dental Treatment with Dentist Parramatta

Emergency Dental Treatment with Dentist Parramatta

Emergency Dentist Parramatta

Are you constantly having pain in your mouth due to holes in your teeth? Finding an affordable dentist in Parramatta may have seemed hard before but look no further with Smile Doctors. We assist you with your Fillings, Root Canal and Extraction.We assist you with pain-free Root Canals, the best treatments to save your teeth, and laser root canals. We want you to feel comfortable with our Parramatta team and smile beautifully in a pleasant setting. Paramatta Dental offers expert dentists, cutting-edge equipment, and complete dental care.


A cavity is a hole that is going to grow bigger and deeper over time, causing you trouble. The cavity needs to be repaired otherwise the plaque is going to start causing the hole to get bigger and worsen in your mouth. Cavities are permanently damaged areas in the hard surfaces of your teeth that have developed into tiny holes. Anyone can get cavities, including infants; if they are not treated, they will affect deeper areas in your tooth, have them treated today with My Smile Doctors.

You may not be aware that a cavity is forming that is why you should contact the best dentist in Parramatta for your dental checkups. Regular dental check-ups and cleaning are important even if your mouth if feeling normal, you should see a dentist at My Smile Doctors regularly to ensure the health of your teeth is as good as our or better!


Extraction of teeth is important too, with an existing root canal is a complex procedure. This is where the tooth and the roots to the tooth become quite brittle and fracture very easily; Smile Doctors ensure they are careful and during this extraction, they show the uttermost care as this extraction requires surgical techniques to remove the teeth properly. Our team of expert dentists must remove the tooth while gently preserving the surrounding bone for the correct healing and future implant placement.
We have Pain-free removal of teeth treatments, as well as pain-free injections for tooth removal in our Parramatta practitioner.

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is an A root canal removes damaged pulp and reshapes the canal to save the tooth. Each tooth has a pulp that supplies nerves and nutrition. A root canal procedure sounds scary, but with today’s technology and a Paramatta dentist assisting you, it is typically not a whole lot more different than having a deep filling.
At My Smile Doctors, we assist our clients in feeling little, if any pain because we will use local anesthesia to numb your tooth and gums, so you are comfortable during the procedure.
To book your appointment with the best dentist near you, book with My Smile Doctors today in Parramatta.

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