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New year resolution for a healthy smile

New year resolution for a healthy smile

As another year is coming to an end, the long string of goals we set ourselves begins to pile up. Whilst most people try to focus on sticking to that exercise routine we have been meaning to start for years, eating better, or getting our finances in order, one often overlooked but important goal to consider is a healthier smile.
A healthy smile is much more than white teeth and fresh smelling breath. In many instances, poor oral health can be directly linked to other problems such as severe migraines and referred pain. This festive season My Smile Doctors can help you achieve your smile with 5 simple tips to bring in the new year.

1. The 2 minute brush

Your mum didn’t just make up that number when you were a kid, studies show that brushing your teeth for a full two minutes can drastically improve your oral health. Brushing your teeth for two minutes leads to a dramatics reduction in plaque and bacteria that cause damage to your mouth. Many studies have shown that brushing your teeth for two minutes instead of one removed up to 27% more plaque.

2. Brushing twice daily

In case you haven’t caught on yet, the magic number to achieve a healthier new year’s smile is “2”. Brushing twice a day, once in the morning and once before you go to sleep is proven to leave your mouth feeling fresh and healthier, even the dentists at Parramatta Dental Clinic agree.

3. Cut down on Sugars.

We all know sugar is bad for our physical health, but did you know its bad for your oral health as well? Sugars, especially sugary drinks can be highly acidic. Drinks such as soda’s and fruit juices essentially bathe your teeth in that beverage and increase chances of tooth and enamel decay. Cutting down on sugar filled food and beverages by 20% has been proven to decrease cavities and bad breath causing bacteria by over 34%.

4. Flossing

Flossing is often forgotten during your bedtime routine, but it should be one of the first things you do. There are many areas that your tooth brush can’t reach including the gum line and in between your teeth. Flossing can not only help reduce the risk of cavities but can also help eliminate bad breath.

5. Make it routine

Once you make anything routine (like getting dressed and eating breakfast), it becomes simple and something you don’t have to think about. Most tooth decay is preventable and a healthy mouth is an excellent way to ward off other medical problems.
So even if you don’t stick to your weight loss or financial goals for the new year, make sure your new years resolution for a healthy smile comes true. One of the best ways to start and in fact stick to your journey towards a healthy new years smile is to visit our dental clinic in Parramatta let our expert dentists guide you to a year of happiness and success.