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Laser Teeth Whitening This Christmas

Laser Teeth Whitening  This Christmas

Like most of us, you want to look your best during the Christmas and New Year’s season. You buy outfits, get your hair done, and have a flawless skin routine, but what about your smile? Professional teeth whitening can improve the color of your teeth from dull to dazzling so your picture-perfect style comes with a smile to match. Laser Teeth Whitening This Christmas time is often full of social events and interactions with work colleagues, family, and friends. Professional teeth whitening can help to boost social confidence and renew the desire to smile during these times. But better yet giving the gift of a whiter, brighter smile to your friends or family is something they will be thanking you for, for years to come.

What causes my teeth to turn yellow?

There are many reasons your teeth can become stained or discolored. Genetics and certain medications can impact the colour of your teeth, however the most common reason is due to the food and drinks you consume as well as your lifestyle choices. Over time the stains on your teeth can become larger and work their way below the enamel layer known as the dentin. Due to the translucent nature of enamel this makes the stains appear larger and darker.

What is teeth whitening and is it safe?

Teeth whitening is the act of removing deep stains and discoloration from your teeth. There are many products on the market claiming to offer instant results, but often these can have limited effects and often have side effects including gum irritation and teeth sensitivity. Any sort of teeth whitening treatment should always be done by a professional dentist. At Parramatta Dental Clinic we use Phillips Zoom Whitening, a professional standard product with proven results. With Phillips Zoom you can choose from a chairside or take-home treatment that is specially tailored to you by our expert dentists.

How to I ensure my results last.

At our Parramatta dental clinic, our products are designed to give you long-lasting results, however,
the results will depend on the type of whitening as well as the many lifestyle choices you make. Over time these choices such as consuming coffee, alcohol, and smoking will eventually stain and yellow your teeth.
To aid in the prevention, a good oral healthcare plan is highly recommended

  • Brushing your teeth twice a day will help to remove stains before they build up and cause deeper staining.
  • Brushing for two minutes. Remember the rule of 2’s when it comes to oral health? Brushing for two minutes twice a day has a 27% increased chance of removing stains and built-up plaque, giving you an all-around healthier and whiter smile.

Whether you give the gift of a whiter smile or in fact treat yourself this Christmas, it’s recommended that you always seek professional advice from our affordable dentist. Our dental clinic in Parramatta will offer full consultation offer a tailored teeth whitening plan that is guaranteed to give you a brighter, whiter smile this Christmas.