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Why do you have to go to the dentist every 6 months?

Why do you have to go to the dentist every 6 months?

You may have heard this from your parents when you we’re young: “ if you don’t go to the dentist regularly, your teeth will fall out”. Or maybe you have a friend who is constantly fussing over oral hygiene? Is there truth to their claims of going to a dentistry consistently? Well, we thought we would start with asking the qualified dentists of our dental clinic in Parramatta. We will ask it not only for their thoughts but what they have learnt within their study. In addition, will ask about their extensive experience in the dental field.

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When we sat down to talk to our dentist’s on this discussion of why, we were hit with a barrage of evidence supporting the idea of regular checkups. Let’s break it down for you:

Aspects of Routine Appointment:

There are firstly two distinctly different aspects of what is done during the routine appointment. The first aspect is the check-up. The check-up is, what it sounds like we check for cavities. To start off with, making sure we meticulously search high and low for even the smallest signs. Signs of not only cavities but plaque and tartar. The majority of your tooth problems start here, and if it can be caught sooner, the better the outcome. Plaque is a sticky/clear layer of bacteria that can stick to your teeth, if left unattended it becomes tartar. You cannot remove tartar with brushing or flossing. If the plaque and tartar build-up, it can cause some serious tooth problems. So having that as a regular check is great as only specialty tools can remove plaque and tartar.

Other Aspect

Next up our Parramatta dentists will check your gums. This is done with a tool, we can use to check the depth and gap between your teeth and gums. Shallow gums are a great healthy sign, with deeper gums often being telltale signs of gum disease.
While checking gums our dentists will also check the tongue, throat, cheeks (inside and out). Further checking the face to look for any other possible trouble relating to your dental hygiene.

Dentist parramatta, cleaning:

As mentioned before, brushing and flossing can remove plaque from your teeth. However, once it turns to tartar it becomes impossible to remove with either brushing or flossing. So, our dentists begin scaling your teeth. Scaling is when the dentist uses specific tools to remove the tartar, giving you a fresh clean look/ feel. It will remove anything that causes tooth decay and gum disease. After the check-up and initial clean, often a gritty paste is used to help polish your teeth. It helps to remove any stains that may have occurred to your teeth on a surface level. The final step is flossing. The dentist will floss your teeth to make sure the hard to reach places are all nice and clean. He will be leaving nothing between the teeth that will allow tartar build up.

What to do in between check up’s?

Be sure to brush your teeth at least twice a day. Make sure the toothpaste you are using has fluoride in it. Floss daily, and use mouthwash to help stem the tide of plaque build-up. This will also help keep your breath nice and fresh. Finally for any other tips and tricks, if you live nearby just search the next keywords. Dental clinic near me,  Dentist Parramatta NSW to keep in the loop with all things dental and oral health care. Alternatively, if you have a specific question feel free to contact us during our business hours.