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How much does it cost to get a wisdom tooth removed?

How much does it cost to get a wisdom tooth removed?

Each side of both jaws develops third and last molars known as wisdom teeth. For some people, it is fun as the process is quite smooth but for some people, it is a battle. That is why they prefer to a wisdom tooth extraction. Even if they are not causing any trouble, it is highly suggested to get wisdom teeth out of your life between the ages of 17 and 20 to avoid future complications as they start to erupt. It is because sometimes, teeth grow in a compact form that puts pressure on the other teeth.

We often come across situations with patients stating, “I am not sure about getting my wisdom teeth out.” But we, the smile doctors, always love to provide help to you. Wisdom tooth removal comes as a routine procedure that can brighten your smile and keep it healthy and strong.

No pain at all!

We leave no stone unturned in providing our patients with a pain-free and comfortable procedure. Our specialists in wisdom teeth removal make use of modern technology. Like, an art 3D cone beams to let the surgeon plan the surgery before entering the mouth of the patient. We may use either local anesthesia or a general one for the surgery.

Cost is not a problem!

Some people fear that the process may be very costly. Therefore, they prefer to leave the teeth as it is which is not correct. It is because they have to face complications in the future if they don’t get the wisdom teeth removed in time. We are here to solve this problem as well. Usually, a simple wisdom teeth removal price ranges between $75 to $200. However, when using local anesthesia or even may range from $300-$800 if all four are desired to be removed. But the impacted wisdom teeth removal cost, which is quite an advanced process, ranges between $225-$600.

The overall cost is less if you plan to remove all four teeth at one time. Our payment plan for wisdom teeth removal offers discounts to our patients if they are unable to afford this amount. We try to make things easy for our patients by all means. Hence, there is no need to worry at all.

If you have dental insurance, you can save around 80% on your wisdom tooth extraction procedure.

Wisdom Teeth Removal is significant!

It is a very lesser known fact that most wisdom teeth grow improperly. In the future, they start to erupt which makes it problematic for you to take a proper bite. Many other relatable conditions are faced. It becomes an extremely painful process when you come to remove them in their impacted form. This also turns out to be harmful to your long-term dental health. You may have to face inflammation, chronic pain, and potential infection in this regard. We being your doctors try level best to smoothen the process as much as possible but still if you are late in making a decision about wisdom teeth removal, you have to bear a few consequences.

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    […] These are those painful ones, these third molars are the last teeth to develop in that pearly white set of yours. While sometimes these teeth may erupt and actually not cause our patient any issues, more often than not these teeth either don’t fully erupt or aren’t properly aligned and then this is when the trouble is caused. This causes them to become impacted between the gums and the jawbone which gets very painful to each individual, which will also affect the health of surrounding teeth too but at Paramatta our Smile Doctors can assist you with pain-free wisdom teeth removal. […]