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Wisdom Teeth Removal Parramatta

Wisdom Teeth Removal Parramatta

Wisdom Teeth Removal Parramatta

Our mission is to create convenience, confidence and self care around the dental care needs of busy Parramatta locals. Our modern Paramatta dentist clinic, My Smile Doctors; excels in the treatment and care of people who are too busy to go to the dentist. You would already be aware that your smile is one of the first things people notice about you and that is why everyone needs a reliable, caring, professional dentist to keep their teeth in the best possibly condition. Our team of Parramatta professionals offer the best in oral health care for our local smiles!

Our team at Smile Doctors offers Oral Surgery for several conditions they may warrant your mouth, we do these all in-house in our Dentist Paramatta, the best.

Yes sure, no one relishes the idea of surgery; however, your Paramatta oral surgeon is ready to share some facts that will ensure that you’re prepared for your upcoming procedure. Our team of experienced staff at Smile Doctor will leave you feeling comfortable and best about the decision you make with your mouth.

We assist you with Oral Surgery on many different factors some being;

Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal

These are those painful ones, these third molars are the last teeth to develop in that pearly white set of yours. While sometimes these teeth may erupt and actually not cause our patient any issues, more often than not these teeth either don’t fully erupt or aren’t properly aligned and then this is when the trouble is caused. This causes them to become impacted between the gums and the jawbone which gets very painful to each individual, which will also affect the health of surrounding teeth too but at Paramatta our Smile Doctors can assist you with pain-free wisdom teeth removal.

Tongue Tie

If necessary, tongue-tie can be treated at our Paramatta Smile Doctors – with a surgical cut to release the frenulum (frenotomy). If additional repair is needed or the lingual frenulum ,you will be able to discuss this with an expert at My Smile Doctors.


At My Smile Doctors before any surgery, we will provide you with an outlined treatment plan and we will also discuss anesthesia options with you and you can feel free to ask any questions you may have about your surgery with your experienced dental practitioner. At My Smile Doctors our team try to ensure that most surgeries are done under Sedation to ensure that the patient doesn’t experience any discomfort during the treatment. As with any surgery, there will be a recovery period, and at My Smile Doctors we will ensure that if you are under sedation, you will not be able to drive yourself home afterwards just for your own safety.. My Smile Doctors and our team may prescribe painkillers for treating recovery-related pain. We will provide you with some detailed information about after surgery as well to ensure that you look after you and your mouth the best possible way.

At My Smile Doctors our team commit to a high range of services delivered with satisfying results. Contact our team today at Parramatta My Smile Doctors.