Its Time For Your Six Monthly Check Up And Clean

Our team in Parramatta at My Smile Doctors, assist in one of the most extensive hygiene treatments; our aim is to take a preventive approach to oral health issues. We advise to have a dental check up with teeth cleaning regularly – normally every 6 months and our team of specialists will perform a thorough dental checkup as well. It is recommended by Smile Doctors that regular dental hygiene treatment, incorporation a scale and clean is necessary to keep your teeth and gums the best they can be. The general rule of thumb is every six months, but in more serious cases your visits are more likely 3-4 months apart.

During a Dental Hygiene appointment at My Smile Doctors, our dental hygienist will perform a scale and clean, which involves thoroughly cleaning the teeth of plaque and the removal of surface staining. One of our best dental practitioners will check your gums for gingivitis or periodontitis (gum disease) as well as your mouth checked for signs of oral pathology such as oral cancer. Our experts may couple this with a dental examination and perform a dental checkup of your teeth and dental restorations.

My Smile Doctors ensure that a scale and clean will remove some of the nasties that accumulate on your teeth that you just can’t remove with regular brushing! Plaque is a soft, sticky substance that is made up of various bacteria, bacterial by-products and other microbial substances that hides away in those tiny places and cause horrific problems.

The detection of a problem does not always mean dental treatment is needed, if it is our team are trained and able to give expert advice. Sometimes it can be as simple as a change in tooth brushing technique or the use of a professionally recommended product on an at-risk area, nothing crazy but ensure your having your dental checkups with Smile Doctors too.

Our hygienist will work with you to show you how to maintain your teeth most effectively at home and may give you advice on how to make cleaning easier or more effective. Sometimes they may also recommend some diet or lifestyle changes to help maintain good oral health. It is important to stay up to date with your Regular Hygiene Appointments at Smile Doctors Parramatta. We offer you to GAP free dental checkups and cleans.

Book your Hygeine visit today with the best dentist in Parramattaat My Smile Doctors.

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