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The Importance of Having Regular Dental Checkups

The Importance of Having Regular Dental Checkups

Dental work is so important, as well as being comfortable at your dental treatment too. Our dentists  Parramatta, My Smile Doctors believe in spending time discussing the dental expectations, experiences, concerns, and needs to be wanted in order to understand you as an individual and what outcomes are going to work best. We assist you to find the most suited dental plans, ensure that you’re meeting your dental check-ups, and keeping your mouth the best, it possibly can be.

To assist our treatment planning, we work with the State-of-the-art technology which includes.

  • High-definition x ray machines (used for bitewing x-rays to ensure that we are getting the best shots)
  • Intra-oral digital camera’s allowing you to view your teeth on the big screens to understand your consultation better.

Our specialists believe that spending time, discussing, reviewing and speaking about your dental expectations, needs and concerns allows for us to ensure the correct work is carried out and that each individual patient gets exactly the care and treatment they want and expect. We work on satisfying our customers and it all begins at the initial consultation.

During your initial consultation at My Smile Doctors, your dentist will carry out a comprehensive examination of your teeth, jaws, and the soft tissues inside and outside of your mouth to ensure that the best treatment plan is put in place for you. The condition that your teeth currently are will be examined and charted, including existing fillings and the presence of plaque, decay, and periodontal disease. To complete the process, x-rays could possibly be needed to obtain important information that is not visible alone such as.

  • Decay inside or between your teeth,
  • Root positions
  • Bone loss.

Following your comprehensive examination, a My Smile Doctor professional will tailor a treatment plan to suit your needs, expectations and budget. Smile doctors ensure that at the end of your visit, each individual will understand what dental treatment is required, how long it will take and the costs that are involved – our team will answer any questions that you have regarding what we have spoken about or any advice that you would like.

To assist our patients at Smile Doctors in keeping up with regular dental check-ups we offer plans and arrangements to meet each family, because dental hygiene is important for children and adults alike. Education on how to brush teeth, care for our gums and lead a healthy lifestyle to ensure we give our teeth the best chances of staying strong is something that our team of specialists love to discuss with all patients, young or old. At My Smile Doctors we understand it is comforting to know what dental treatment you require, including services in case of an emergency.

One of the key features of our dental clinic in Parramatta is our specialist area designed to care for children, that ages anywhere from infants right through to adults. Our team understand that caring for your teeth from a young age is very important and we will try to assist our parents with teaching their children this too.

Whether you are looking for a dental routine check-up, clean-up or more extensive treatments, My Smile Doctors‘ staff will explain you everything about what will be included in the treatment and will provide you the special advice on preventative measures.

My Smile Doctors provides top-notch dental care to all their patients. With our team at my Smile Doctors always staying ahead of new technologies in dentistry, we can work with our clients to achieve what is wanted to all of your needs and budget.

At My Smile Doctors, we are able to assist in the various funding options that may be available to each individual and access them on your behalf. If you are looking for the best dentist, look no further Smile Doctors is who to call.

Book an appointment with the best dental practice in Paramatta, an expert team who knows and understands dental care. For your dental check-up book now at My Smile Doctors.